The Lowcountry Maritime Society is happy to be able to offer many types of programs

In-School Programs
Our in school programs are co-created with the teachers at the school so that the classroom curriculum and schedules match with the lesson plans LMS has created. We cater to the schools needs for timing and block scheduling so programs can last anywhere from 9 weeks (1 quarter) to the entire school year. The program ends with a joint boat launch with all of our schools and programs! The launch takes place annually during the Charleston In-Water Boat Show at the Bristol Marina.

After-School Programs
Our after school programs are similar to the in school programs with slightly more focus on the building aspects of the program. The after school programs can be in partnership with programs like Kaleidoscope or in direct partnership with the school. The students participating in the after school programs are also a part of our annual boat launch at the Bristol Marina during the Charleston In-Water Boat Show.

Summer Programs
During our summer programs we create a week long program for students. Many times we will partner with another organization to create a full day camp. Throughout the week students work on the boats for 3-4 hours each morning completing the project with a boat launch at the end of the week!

Family Boat Building
The family boat building programs are open to all ages! These programs are offered a few times throughout the year. The maximum group sizes for family boat building is based on the size of the location for the event.