“Lowcountry Maritime Society’s volunteers have a true passion for teaching and developing CCSD students. Their volunteers are handpicked college honors students who teach design, engineering, and hands-on boat building. They are often able to provide a 2:1 instructor to student ratio to ensure the maximum safety coverage when teaching the use of power tools to 3rd – 5th grade elementary school students. Children not only learn STEM related skills, they also learn safety practices, situational awareness, and watercraft skills that will help them throughout their entire lives. I’ve seen time and again the bolstered confidence that our children gain from exposure to the outstanding program provided by Lowcountry Maritime Society.”

Wallace Bonds
Operations Officer, Office of Expanded Learning, Charleston County School District

“Our strong partnership with Lowcountry Maritime Society provides our students with hands-on, minds-on learning with a strong focus on math and science that cannot be duplicated in the traditional classroom. I have seen first hand how LMS fosters a greater sense of appreciation for STEM concepts and provides our students with exposure to these important 21st century job skills”

Jasan Sakran
Director for Expanded Learning, Charleston County School District