LMS is fortunate to have a great location to house our office as well as a small boat yard! Our Boatyard allows us to rent out space for DIY as well as storage. The “yard” also allows us to accept donated boats and store them in a sheltered space while we work on them and wait for them to sell. Please contact us if you need a place to work on, store or donate your boat!
Monthly Storage:
  • Yard Storage: $1/sqft/mo
  • Covered Storage: $1.18/sqft/mo
  • Bay Storage*: $558/mo
  • Mast Storage: $1/ft/mo
  • Trailer Storage: $0.75/ft

*Bays are 25’x18′ and includes access to electricity within the bay. A good choice for those wishing to do DIY work on their boats.

Daily Storage:
  • Yard Storage: $1/ft/day
  • Covered Storage: $1.18/ft/day
  • Mast Storage: $1/ft/day
  • Trailer Storage: $0.75/ft

New Construction:

Please contact us if you are interested in commissioning a new build! We are currently looking for a new project for our trained staff and students to complete in our boatyard! There are thousands of boat designs out there! We’d love to help you build your dream while allowing our students to build new skills that will last a lifetime!

**All new construction rates are quoted on a project by project basis**